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Sudan History

There are, in the Sudan, several archaeological sites, resorts, prairies and vast natural forests. The Sudan is known for its kingdoms and civilization which governed the country in the pre-Christian epoch. They left back several archaeological objects and remains; such as, pyramids and the venerable relics of ancient towns, palaces and temples.

Thus, in the various parts of the country, there are touristic places, which have marvellous nature in the South, North, West and East. In addition, there are the Red Sea Coasts and Totail Mountains, in the East.

One of the important archaeological Sites, in the Sudan, is Karma area. This represents a civilization which dates back to the period 2500-1500 B.C. There is also Meroe and Bajrawiya areas which represent a civilization which dates back to a period between the sixth century B.C.; to the 4th century A.D. In addition to these, these are sites at Al-Kuru, Jabel Al-Barkal Al-Muswarat Al-Sufraa, Wad Bannaga temples, Say Island, Tabu, Sadanga, Salab and Old Dongola. All these sites represent the Kingdoms of the various civilizations of the Northern Sudan, which were established since 2500 B.C. They left their palaces pyramids and temples.

In the centre of the country, we find the (Soba East) civilization, the Sennar Kingdom civilization, the great Suwakin town in the Eastern Sudan and in the Western Sudan, we find Tura town and El-Fasher town. In the two later area, Islamic Civilizations thrived and left their relics up to this day. Likewise, at Omdurman, there are the remains of the Mahdist Revolution.

Some of these archaeological sites were entered into the World Heritage Record: such as, Jabel Al-Barkal, Kuru and Nuri Civilizations, Abu Doam Statute, 'Modern' Marawe and Al-Zooma.

The are several museums, in Khartoum; Beit Al-Khalifa, at Omdurman; the Military Museum, in Khartoum; Sheikhan Museum at El-Obeid Town; Sultan Ali Dinar Museum at El-Fasher and Abu Halima; the Natural History Museum, the Natural National Parks at Dindir and Radoam and on the Coasts of the Red Sea, there are Sangaib, Erkuweit and some other museums.

For more information, find ways ofaccess to the Ministry of Tourism and National Heritage: http://sudan-tourism.gov.sd


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