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The Supreme Coordinating Body for National Dialogue stresses the need to uphold dialogue to address the country's issues

09 Apr 2019 President

The higher  Coordinating Commission of  the National Dialogue, headed by Marshal Omar al-Bashir, stressed the need to adhere the dialogue as a means to address all issues of the country. The committee affirmed the importance of preserving the stability of the country and the security of citizens and their property and preventing the country from sliding into strife.
The Commission has reviewed the current exceptional situation in the light of the protests taking place in some areas, stressing the need of  the consensus of society in all its categories and political forces on a solution that satisfies everyone.
The meeting stressed the need for the Commission to provide an integrated initiative in a timely manner that contributes to the country's current circumstances.
The Supreme Coordination Body for the National Dialogue expressed its appreciation for the positions of the armed forces and other regular forces in dealing with the protests in a civilized way.


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