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The President Pledge to Proceed in Rebuilding the Armed Forces

10 Mar 2018 President

                President Omar Al-Bashir, the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces has vowed to go ahead with the rebuilding of the armed forces and enable them with advanced military technology. H.E. explained when he addressed today the opening ceremony the Hotel and Club fifth Infantry Division officers (Hajana) that the armed forces currently has the latest military factories in the region, noting that the weapons and ammunition used by the army are produced by Sudanese factories.

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البشير:هارون وحميدتي من أبناء الانقاذ الخلص

22 Oct 2018 President

أكد المشير عمر البشير رئيس الجمهورية أن ماحدث بين مولانا أحمد هارون والي شمال كردفان والفريق محمد حمدان دقلو حميدتي قائد قوات الدعم السريع

The President To Receive Condolence Telegrams From His Majesty Sultan Gabous On The Passing Away Of Suar Althahab

22 Oct 2018 President

H.E.Field Marshl Omar Albashir,Presdient of the Republic has received today a condolence telegram from his majesty Sultan Gabous Ban Saeed,Sultansof The Sultanate of Oman

The President To Receive Credentials Of Ambassadors Of Malysia,Spaion,Sirlanka,Somali and Croatia

22 Oct 2018 President

Field Marshal Omar Albashir ,President of the Republic has Received Today in the Republican palace the credentials of ambassador Muhammad Zidan of Malaysia


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