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The Deputy Head of TMC Directs to Maintain Security and Stability In north Darfur

30 Jul 2019 أخبار نائب رئيس المجلس العسكري الإنتقالي


The deputy head of the Transitional Military Council, General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, has directed for the maintenance of security and stability in the North Darfur state and extending  of state prestige through accountability for  those who violate the law.
During his meeting with the state’s  Governor, Major General Malik al-Tayeb Khoujali, the deputy  has been briefed on the overall situation in the state and the progress of development projects and services in the state.
The governor has confirmed in a press statement the stability of the security situation in the state, pointing to the keenness of his government to provide a decent life for citizens

The governor said that the Deputy Head of the Council has directed to benefit from the UNAMID camps and the attention to the displaced and refugees as well as the agricultural season.

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