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The Social Committee Holds An Intellectual Meeting With Youth And Sports Organizations

25 Apr 2019 أخبار أعضاء المجلس العسكري الإنتقالي (سابقاً)

The Social  Committee of  TMC held a meeting in the Friendship Hall today with the Youth and Sports organizations and sports experts on the current situation in the country and listening to the views and future aspirations of these groups.
The head of the committee, member of TMC, affirmed  in his address to the meeting, on the great role has  played by the sports sector and youth in the unification of the Sudanese society’s component .
 He called on  the rejection of the nerve and division and address them, praising the pioneering role played by the sports community in this regard

He noted that The Sudanese people look forward in the future to building an economically strong and socially cohesive country by exploiting its various  rich resources and richness in the management of its diversity. He pointed out that the best countries  in the world are the countries that have managed the management of social diversity in good way . and mentioned The United States as example , stressing that Sudan is not a poor country but was followed by systems did not improve the management of  its available resources.

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