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The Military Council and the powerful Declaration of Freedom and Change sign the initials of the constitutional document

04 Aug 2019 أخبار رئيس المجلس العسكري الإنتقالي

Khartoum - The Transitional Military Council and the forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change signed today in the Friendship Hall, the initials of the constitutional document, where was signed by the Transitional Military Council Lieutenant General Mohammed Hamdan Daqlo Vice-President of the Council and signed on the forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change Mr. Ahmed Rabie.

General Mohamed Hamdan Doglo, in a press statement, after the signing ceremony, that the signing of the constitutional document has turned a difficult page in the history of Sudan, where there was rivalry and fighting. He added that the signing represents a victory for the national will, He pointed out that the two parties will work in the spirit of one team for the homeland and the citizen. General Doglo stressed that he will not rest until the fair retribution of all those who committed a crime against the homeland and the citizen. He thanked the African mediation and the State of Ethiopia for their efforts to achieve this great achievement.

For his part, the representative of the forces of freedom and change, Engineer Omar Al-Dugair, that the signing of the constitutional document paves the way for the formation of the structures of the transitional authority according to the tables set, He explained that a fair and transparent investigation to detect the killers of the rebels will be a priority of the transition period.

For his part, the African mediator, Professor Mohamed El-Hassan Ould Loubat called on the signatory parties to the necessity of fulfilling the spirit of the revolution and taking care and respect of the security and defense system in the country.

Meanwhile, Ethiopian mediator Mahmoud Dereer said that the signing establishes a democratic civil rule to build a state of law and equality and establishes a transitional period that will be one of its priorities to achieve comprehensive peace Dereer said the signing would end Sudan's list of state sponsors of terrorism, stressing Ethiopia and the African Union's support for Sudan's debt relief efforts. Dereer stressed the importance of security and stability of Sudan for the region and the African continent.

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