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The First Vice President is discussing with the Russian envoy the course of bilateral relations and issues of common concern

17 Mar 2019 أخبار الرئاسة (سابقاً)

Khartoum -

First Vice President of the Republic and Defense Minister, General Awad Mohammed Ahmed Ibn Auf met at the Republican Palace today, the Russian president's envoy, Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov and the accompanying delegation, who conveyed the Russian leadership’s congratulations and wishes of success in his new position. The Russian president's envoy confirmed in a press statement after the meeting the strong political will of his country to strengthen its relations with Sudan, especially in the economic, political and military fields.

He said that his meeting with the First Vice President of the Republic discussed ways to strengthen the political coordination between the two countries at international level and work together to develop the level of trade, economic and investment cooperation.

Mr. Bogdanov added that Russia will work to strengthen the defense capabilities of Sudan, pointing out to its contribution in the training of military cadres alongside civilian professional cadres.

The Russian envoy stressed his country's support for Sudan to overcome the current stage. He said that his country, based on the friendship it brings together in Sudan, will stand with the Sudanese people and its leadership represented by President Omar Al-Bashir to overcome the  current stage, stressing his confidence in the ability of the country's leaders to overcome the economic difficulties experienced by Sudan.

For his part, State Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Osama Faisal stressed the importance of the current visit by the Russian delegation to the country, pointing out that it represents an important opportunity for consultation between the two countries in a number of bilateral issues and issues of common concern. He added that the Foreign Minister Dr. Dirdiri Mohammad Ahmad will visit Russia In April to attend the Russian-Arab forum, pointing out that consultations with Russian leaders and the Russian Foreign Ministry will be held during the visit on a number of files relating to bilateral relations.

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