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The President of the Republic Receives a Congratulatory Message from the Secretary General of the Coast and Desert

08 Mar 2019 President

KHARTOUM - The President of the Republic received a message of congratulations from the Secretary-General of the Coast-Desert Community on the occasion of the signing of the Central African Republic Peace Agreement, He expressed his sincere gratitude and his colleagues for sponsoring and signing the Agreement between the Central African Government and 14 armed groups.

The Secretary-General of the Community of Coast-Desert (SADC) commended the President of the Republic for his success in bringing about reconciliation among the most important actors in the Central African Republic, Representing the Government of President Kostin Erkang and the most important leaders of armed groups, thus ensuring the maintenance of peace and stability in the region.

 "This represents recognition of your Excellency's leadership in the field of mediation for peace and conflict prevention on the continent," he said.


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