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The President of the Republic Directs the State of South Kordofan to Pay attention to Returnees and Provide Support and Assistance to them

06 Dec 2018 President

RTOUM - President of the Republic of South Kordofan State emphasized on the voluntary return and attention to the conditions of the returnees and provide them with support and assistance in obtaining productive projects. He also directed the state to pay attention to production, especially the agricultural sector.

During his meeting with the Republican Palace today, the President of the Republic, Lieutenant-General Ahmed Ibrahim preferred the overall developments in the state, focusing on the security situation and maintaining the security stability witnessed by the state.

The team preferred in a press statement after the meeting that he briefed the president on the success of the agricultural season in the state, whose initial indicators are 500 thousand tons of grain and the efforts exerted in the fields of education and health.


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