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The Military Council Agrees with Freedom and Change Forces on the Power Structure and Governance System

13 May 2019 أخبار رئيس المجلس العسكري الإنتقالي

Khartoum - The Transitional Military Council and Freedom and Change Forces held today at the Friendship Hall a round of negotiations to overcome the pending points between the two sides. 

Gen. Shams Al-Din Al-Kabbashi, the official spokesman of the Transitional Military Council said in a press statement that an agreement was reached on the power structure and the system of government during the transitional period besides the agreement on the tasks and authorities at the sovereign level, executive and legislative.

 Al-Kabbashi, pointed out that the two sides will hold a round of negotiations tomorrow to discuss ratios of participation at the three levels and the duration of the transition period. 

 Al-Kabbashi described that the negotiations were held in a cordial atmosphere and determination to overcome the plain differences.

 For his part, the official spokesman of Freedom and Change Forces confirmed that it was agreed on the structures of sovereign power, executive, legislative, judicial and commissions, pointing out that the round of negotiations for tomorrow will discuss ratio and the duration of the transition period.

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