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The First Vice President Expresses his full Satisfaction with the level of Relations with Indonesia

06 Dec 2018

KHARTOUM - First Vice-President of the Republic, First  Lieutenant-General Bakri Hassan Saleh, expressed his satisfaction with the level of relations with Indonesia and the keenness of the Sudan to strengthen and develop them to a wider perspective.

He said dDr. Hadayat Nour one in a press statement that the visit comes in the framework of strengthening bilateral relations between the two countries, stressing that the visit will have the following in this regard.

He pointed to the great role that parliament can play in the two countries in developing relations between them, pointing out the historical and religious ties that unite the peoples of the two countries, especially Islam.

The head of the Shura Council of Indonesia expressed his country's appreciation to receive the Sudanese students in the Sudanese universities and the increase in the number of each year.

The Deputy Speaker of the National Council Ahmad Tijani, the Parliament's readiness to approve all the agreements have been agreed between the two sides through the joint committees between the two parliaments.

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