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Speech Of The Head Of The Transitional Military Council Before Sudanese nation

07 Jul 2019 أخبار رئيس المجلس العسكري الإنتقالي


The head of TMC , addressed the Sudanese nation on the occasion of the Council's agreement with FFC at the end of the negotiations that took place today at the Corinthia Hotel.
The Transitional Military Council prides on its belonging to this nation. And said congratulations to you at the dawn of your revolution and enlightenment to brighten up the whole of Sudan and congratulation for your drafting a history, a history of Sudanese nation which engraved and battered in the depth of history.

It is a congratulation worthy of the mothers who were waiting for the return of their children. And worthy of the parents who rose up against injustice . And worthy of young men and women for the will and determination. Congratulations worthy of the revolutionary forces that led the movement and organized its process. And also for regular forces all for their stand beside people. And preservation of the entity of the state. The signing of the July 5 agreement with the forces of freedom and change and the other forces which we hope not to lose it. We have ignited the lights of the road . a road of glorious Sudanese revolution which means the overthrow of the traditional practice of politics and the overthrow of corruption and nepotism, discrimination and racism and dropping everything that violates the dignity of citizens and the overthrow of regional and tribal fanaticism And party.

Honorable citizens: We are in the beginning of the stage of building a new Sudan in which the rule of transparency, accountability and rule of law will be practice. where all people are equal a country with social, political and economic justice in which rights are practice in accordance with citizenship, rights and the fight against corruption and spoilers.

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