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UN Secretary- General : Sudan’s Initiatives to Realize Peace in the Region is Exceptional and Deserve Praise and Appreciation.

11 Feb 2019 President


The President Al-Bashir, discussed at the Sheraton Hotel in Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa on sidelines of the 32nd Ordinary Summit of the African Union with the Secretary-General of United Nations, Mr. Antonio Manuel Queteres, the Sudanese initiatives to realize peace and stability in the Republics of South Sudan and Central Africa. And he  regard it a bright spots in Africa and it is an exceptional effort that deserves appreciation.

The Foreign Minister  Dr. Al-Dirdiri  said in a press statement after the meeting that Mr. Guterres affirmed the United Nations’ support  for these endeavors and the efforts exerted by the international organization during negotiations, especially with respect to Central Africa, will continue until this agreement is implemented. He added that Mr. Guterres affirmed to the President that they will exert their efforts to secure the necessary support for the implementation of the peace agreement in southern Sudan, especially the joint effort of President Al- Bashir and  Museveni to support this agreement toil to enter the transitional period in May without violations. Dr. Al-Dirdiri  said that the meeting addresses the most important issues related to peace and security in the region in general.

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