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The President Affirms the State’s Attention and Sponsorship for the Plans and Programs of the National Federation of Sudanese Youth

11 Mar 2019 President

The President affirmed the State's concern and sponsorship of all programs and plans of the National Union of Sudanese Youth to absorb their energy.
The President described Sudan as a young nation  because of increase the number of young people in its population formations, pointing out that disrupting youth threatens any state’s  strategy.
In a  arguing meeting with the Executive Office of the Federation, the President pledged that the state’s  provide the necessary funding for all the Union's plans and programs to provide success among societies and to facilitate means of family stability after  by providing housing through vertical construction projects as their first concern.
His Excellency has  directed  for paying  attention to youth centers and the promoting  of digital culture, particularly in the fields of media to keep abreast of the global development and nurturing the creators in order to achieve good results at the regional and international levels.
He pointed to the important role has been  played by young people in promoting and stabilizing peace as the main goal of the state through the decision to stop the permanent  cease fire, pointing to the role of youth educational and health convoys in this regard.
In a press statement, Mahmoud Ahmed Mohamed, president of the Federation, said that , the President has been briefed on the plan and programs of the federation  for the next phase of all the secretariats and institutions affiliated to it.


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