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Major General Abdul Rahman Al-sadig Calls the States to Open Branches of Youth Markets for Sale by Factory Price.

11 Mar 2019 أخبار الرئاسة (سابقاً)


The Assistant President, Major General Abdulrahman Al-Sadiq Al-Mahdi called the states  governors to open branches of youth markets for sale by factory price in all localities and work to overcome all the obstacles facing them. He called on the various state institutions to open branches to fight high  prices.
The Assistant President has  stressed at the opening of the youth markets by price of the product which  organized by the National Union of Sudanese Youth in cooperation with the Association of  Working Women at  Taxation Bureau today, the need to uphold the country and  interval from personal interests and party, stressing on the complacency with manipulators and spoilers.


General . Abdulrahman Al-Sadiq,  has directed the National Youth Union  for engaging in an open dialogue with youth without regard to partisan and political affiliations and addressing all issues that concern them. He declared the state's commitment to implement the outcomes of this dialogue and put it on ground.
 He said that the youth union is a national umbrella for all young people, stressing that the president depends on youth during the coming period.

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