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General Mohammed Hamdan Daglo Meets the Head of UNAMID

15 Sep 2019 أخبار أعضاء مجلس السيادة الإنتقالي

 KHARTOUM - Member of the Transitional Sovereign Council General Mohamed Hamdan Daglo met at his office in the Republican Palace today, with the head of the UNAMID mission, the African Union's Special Representative, Mr. Kinsley Geremama Mama Bolu. The meeting discussed the role and efforts of UNAMID in Darfur and ways to achieve peace, stability and security through the cooperation between Transitional Authority in Sudan and the UNAMID.

The head of the mission in press statements pledged to convey the positive image of developments on the ground after the December revolution, noting that the mission, if given the freedom of movement, will make efforts in the area of ​​Jebel Marra to communicate with the armed movements and leadership and persuade them to join the peace process that enjoyed in the Sudan.

Mama Bolu praised the results of the peace negotiations in Juba between the government and the armed movements, adding that the African Union and the United Nations will support these steps until peace is achieved in Sudan.

Regarding the exit of UNAMID from Darfur, MAMA POLO confirmed that UNAMID forces will leave on schedule by July next year, noting that the mission asked the member of the Sovereignty Council, General Mohamed Hamdan Daglo and the transitional authority to provide means of safe and smooth exit of UNAMID forces from Darfur.

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