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Dr. Abd Allah Hamdouk Sworn In as Prime Minister

21 Aug 2019 أخبار رئيس مجلس السيادة الإنتقالي

KHARTOUM - Dr. Abd Allah Hamdouk, the Prime Minister, sworn in today before the President of the Sovereign Council, General Abdul Fattah Al Burhan and Chief Justice Mawlana Abbas Ali Babikir.

Dr. Hamdouk said in a press statement after the swearing-in, that he came in response to the call of the country and became after the oath, the Prime Minister of all Sudanese. In his speech at the press conference held at the Presidential Palace, he pointed out the challenges facing the country and said that we will express them by uniting and agreement of the Sudanese people. He pointed out that the reform of state institutions, fighting corruption, building the rule of law, transparency and justice are the priorities of the next stage. On foreign policy, Hamdouk stressed the need for a moderate foreign policy that serves the country's top interests. Dr. Hamdouk stressed the need for women to be fairly represented in all executive bodies.

  To that, Hamdouk pointed out that after the formation of the sovereign council and the formation of the Council of Ministers soon, Sudan will be the first step in the direction of creating a non-quarrelsome partnership that will help in dealing with the situation in the country through consensus and flexible democracy. Regarding the approach to economic reform, he explained that it was appropriate to pursue a reform process based on a pragmatic system of a mix of economic schools.

Hamdouk stressed the necessity of the Sudanese agreement on how to govern Sudan and leave those who rule Sudan to the choices of the Sudanese people, stressing the need for everyone to put their hands together to sail the country to safety, pointing to the great historical achievements achieved by the Sudanese through consensus and consensus.

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