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A delegation from the Sovereign Council in Port Sudan to Contain the Conflict between the Bani Amir and Nuba

23 Aug 2019 أخبار أعضاء مجلس السيادة الإنتقالي

Port Sudan - The delegation of the Sovereignty Council, which included Lt. Gen. Shamsuddin Kabbashi and Hassan Mohamed Idris Qadhi, accompanied by the Director General of Police, the Chief of Staff of the Navy and a number of leaders of the civil administration and academics interested in conflict issues, stood on the ground on the reality of the events in Port Sudan to contain the conflict that broke out between Beni Amer and Nuba. The delegation directed the government of the Red Sea State and civil administrations and the Committee of Elders and Youth to lead the next phase in a spirit of consensus and wisdom to build Sudan.

During the visit, the delegation met with the Government of the Red Sea State and the leaders of the civil administration from both sides and discussed with them the developments of the conflict and ways to address it. Maj. Gen. Essam El-Din Abdel-Farraj Siddiq, Governor of the Red Sea State, said that the delegation's visit illustrates the importance the central government attaches to solving this problem according to the adherence to the customary agreement known in eastern Sudan as "Al-Galad". He pointed out that what happened recently was the result of individual events fueled by some entities and developed rapidly to leave dead and wounded, stressing that the delegation of the Sovereign Council engaged upon the arrival to the city of Port Sudan in a series of meetings through which a consensus was reached between all tribes to continue the agreement (Al-Galadd).

  For his part, Lt. Gen. Shamsuddin Kabashi, member of the Sovereign Council, affirmed the Council's commitment to meet the requirements of the agreement between the parties, namely compensation for the affected and payment of blood money, as well as the commitment of the Sovereign Council to form a central national committee to investigate the reasons that led to the events of the previous two days and events that Prior to that, the security services and the regular forces were also directed to strictly enforce the law and enforce it.

The delegation member and member of the Sovereign Council, Mr. Hassan Mohammed Idris Qadhi, said in a press statement that the delegation met with the competent authorities in the Red Sea State and listened to a comprehensive enlightenment on the events. The delegation also met with civil administrations and youth, and these meetings resulted in a complete and comprehensive cessation of hostilities and the continuation of efforts for a sustainable reconciliation that achieves unity and harmony between the two sides.


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