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The First Vice President to Meet the Secretary General Of the Council of Strategic Planning

17 Dec 2015

The first vice President Gen of staff Bakri Hassan Salih draw to Integration of key projects of the State in the African decimal plan, especially with regard to the railways transportation.

The first vice president during his meeting today at the Republican Palace the secretary general of the Supreme Council for strategic planning Ibrahim Corina stressed the importance of the early preparation for the third phase of the quarter century plan, which starts from 2017 to 2020 for the purpose of the completion before the budget for the year 2017.

Corina stressed that he briefed the first vice president of the visit of the delegation of the African Union in the period from 28 December 30 with a view to resettling Decennial Plan of African countries in the national plan for the country.

He said that the Sudan had gone a long way in the areas of transport by rail station and land roads linking neighboring countries, beside the air transport.


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